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AutoComplete Search with Href Link [PHP MySQL - Remote DataSource Example]

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Hi friends, hope you all are doing well, Today in this tutorial we will see an example of Autocomplete Search Box with PHP MySQL, Not only autocomplete we will make it more dynamic with remote datasource, in short this example provides suggestion while you type in search box and the suggestion will be coming from server-side script which returns JSON Data. this widget makes searching much easier you can use this widget for any type of search that you want in your website cause getting suggestion while typing seems cool and more user friendly, any search like post, products, category, catalogs or anything else that you want for your web project. you must have seen autocomplete search example on facebook and twitter so it makes searching someone easier on those social sites, so let's have a look at this simple quite useful widget tutorial and before proceeding you can check the demo.
Autocomplete Remote DataSource Example with PHP MySQL Live Auto Suggestion

SweetAlert2 – Ajax Delete Rows Example with PHP MySQL

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Hello coders, In our previous tutorial we saw all about getting started with SweetAlert2 and regarding it I also receive few emails to post Ajax Delete Example with SweetAlert2 to delete rows from MySQL table and use SweetAlert as Confirm dialog, So here In this tutorial, I am going to show you the most common deleting process of crud but with the new functionality by using SweetAlert as a confirm dialog, we already have a tutorial about Ajax Delete with Bootstrap Confirmation Dialog you can check it. guys as you all know that default JavaScript confirm dialog is not very good when it comes to impressive UI/UX, so it's good to use bootstrap or SweetAlert instead and it's quite easy to replace default JavaScript PopUp dialogs. before proceed please check a demo, So let’s get started.
SweetAlert2 – Ajax Delete Rows Example with PHP MySQL

SweetAlert2 - Working with Nice Alert's

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Hello guys, after a long time, today i'm going to introduce SweetAlert, first of all let me tell you guys that SweetAlert is a Library made with JavaScript and CSS, that act's as a replacement for default JavaScript's dialog, pop-ups and modal window as well, SweetAlert shows very impressive and pretty modal windows and as you all know that default JavaScript dialog looks ugly and terrible in terms of UX/UI and if you are working on any project that needs more user attraction then you must try this out. SweetAlert allows you to create attractive and pretty JavaScript dialogs like alert, confirm, prompt, and modal windows very quickly. So we have SweetAlert then you should avoid using default JavaScript Pop-Up's and i recommend you to use SweetAlert for your projects and for that you just need to add JavaScript and CSS file in your page, Ok we discussed that what is SweetAlert now move ahead to next step, so let's have a look how to use it.
SweetAlert2 : A Beautiful Replacement for JavaScript Alerts

Bootstrap Modal with Dynamic MySQL Data using Ajax & PHP

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Hello friends, in this tutorial we will see How to Show Dynamic MySQL Data in Bootstrap Modal, Well Modals are become very popular and important UI for any kind of websites and with Modals we can do lot’s of things, nowadays Modals are mostly used for add, update and delete even for display dynamic contents and you also might have seen login/signup popup modals in some websites, and we have also covered a tutorial on deleting mysql rows with bootstrap confirm modal(dialog) with the help of bootbox, we can also create the same without using any plugin, and now here in this tutorial i will show how you can easily display/show mysql data in bootstrap modal and the mysql rows are displayed dynamically in modal via ajax call, check the demo of this tutorial and see how it looks.
Ajax Bootstrap Modal with Dynamic MySQL Data using PHP

Quick & Easy Form Validation Example with Parsley.js

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Hello everyone, today in this tutorial we will see How to Validate Registration Form using Parsley.JS, Parsley is the ultimate JavaScript form validation library, In one of my previous tutorial we already seen Simple HTML Form Validation using jQuery Plugin, well there's a lot's of way in that we can validate web forms using server side or client side by writing custom client/server side code which can be JavaScript or PHP, or it can be also done by using some jQuery Validation Plugins/Libraries, in-between i have found Parsley that is widely used in most of bootstrap admin themes that i have seen, so let's have a look how to use it, you can check demo of parsley validation before proceeding.
Quick & Easy Form Validation Example with Parsley.js