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Linux Reseller Hosting vs. Windows Reseller Hosting

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Over the past few years, web hosting has undergone a dramatic change. Web hosting services have changed the way websites perform. There are several kinds of services but today we will talk about the options that are available for reseller hosting providers. They are Linux Reseller Hosting and Windows Reseller Hosting. Before we understand the fundamental differences between the two, let’s find out what is reseller hosting.
Reseller Hosting
In simple terms, reseller hosting is a form of web hosting where an account owner can use his dedicated hard drive space and allotted bandwidth for the purpose of reselling to the websites of third parties. Sometimes, a reseller can take a dedicated server from a hosting company (Linux or Windows) on rent and further let it out to third parties.
Most website users either are with Linux or Windows. This has got to do with the uptime. Both platforms ensure that your website is up 99% of the time. 
However, there are some fundamental differences between the hosting services provided by these two players. 
1. Customization
One of the main differences between a Linux Reseller Hosting  plan and the one provided by Windows is about customization. While you can experiment with both the players in several ways, Linux is way more customizable than Windows. The latter has more features than its counterpart and that is why many developers and administrators find Linux very customer- friendly.
2. Applications
Different reseller hosting services have different applications. Linux and Windows both have their own array of applications but the latter has an edge when it comes to numbers and versatility. This has got to do with the open source nature of Linux. Any developer can upload his app on the Linux platform and this makes it an attractive hosting provider to millions of website owners. 
However, please note that if you are using Linux for web hosting but at the same time use the Windows OS, then some applications may not simply work. 
3. Stability
While both the platforms are stable, Linux Reseller Hosting is more stable of the two. It being an open source platform, can work in several environments.  This platform can be modified and developed every now and then. 
4. .NET compatibility
It isn’t that Linux is superior to Windows in every possible way. When it comes to .NET compatibility, Windows steals the limelight. Web applications can be easily developed on a Windows hosting platform. 
5. Cost advantages
Both the hosting platforms are affordable. But if you are feeling a cash crunch, then you should opt for Linux. It is free and that is why it is opted by so many developers and system administrators all around the world. 
6. Ease of setup
Windows is easier to set up than its counterpart. All things said and done, Windows still retains its user-friendliness all these years.
7. Security
Opt for Linux reseller hosting because it is more secure than Windows. This holds true especially for people running their E-commerce businesses. 

Choosing between the two will depend on your requirement and the cost flexibility. Both the hosting services have unique advantages. While Windows is easy to set up, Linux is cost effective, secure and is more versatile. 

Newor Media: A Breath of Fresh Air

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Back in March of this year, I had a very bad experience with a media company refusing to pay me and answer my emails.  They still owe me thousands of dollars and the feeling of rage I have permeates everyday.  Turns out I am not alone though, and hundreds of other website owners are in the same boat. It's sort of par for the course with digital advertising.

In all honesty, I've had this blog for a long time and I have bounced around different ad networks in the past. After removing the ad units from that company who stiffed me, I was back to square one.  I should also note that I never quite liked Googles AdSense product, only because it feels like the "bottom of the barrel" of display ads.  Not from a quality perspective, but from a revenue one.

From what I understand, you want Google advertising on your site, but you also want other big companies and agencies doing it as well.  That way you maximize the demand and revenue.

After my negative experience I got recommend a company called Newor Media. And if I'm honest I wasn't sold at first mostly because I couldn't find much information on them.  I did find a couple decent reviews on other sites, and after talking to someone there, I decided to give it a try.  I will say that they are SUPER helpful.  Every network I have ever worked with has been pretty short with me in terms of answers and getting going.  They answered every question and it was a really encouraging process.

I've been running the ads for a few months and the earnings are about in line with what I was making with the other company. So I can't really say if they are that much better than others, but where they do stand out is a point that I really want to make.  The communication with them is unlike any other network I've ever worked it.  Here is a case where they really are different:

They pushed the first payment to me on time with Paypal.  But because I'm not in the U.S (and this happens for everyone I think), I got a fee taken out from Paypal.  I emailed my representative about it, asking if there was a way to avoid that in the future.

They said that they couldn't avoid the fee, but that they would REIMBURSE ALL FEES.... INCLUDING THE MOST RECENT PAYMENT!  Not only that, but the reimbursement payment was received within 10 MINUTES!  When have you ever been able to make a request like that without having to be forwarded to the "finance department" to then never be responded to.

The bottom line is that I love this company.  I might be able to make more somewhere else, I'm not really sure, but they have a publisher for life with me.  I'm not a huge site and I don't generate a ton of income, but I feel like a very important client when I talk to them.  It's genuinely a breathe of fresh air in an industry that is ripe with fraud and non-responsiveness. 

Introducing Kids to Coding with Pip

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Microcomputers that have been created by the Raspberry Pi Foundation in 2012 have been hugely successful in sparking levels of creativity in young children and this UK based company began offering learn-to-code startup programs like pi-top an Kano. There is now a new startup that is making use of Pi electronics, and the device is known as Pip, a handheld console that offers a touchscreen, multiple ports, control buttons and speakers. The idea behind the device is to engage younger individuals with a game device that is retro but will also offer a code learning experience through a web based platform.
The amazing software platform being offered with Pip will offer the chance to begin coding in Python, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Lua and PHP. The device offers step-by-step tutorials to get children started with coding and allows them to even make LEDs flash. While Pip is still a prototype, it will surely be a huge hit in the industry and will engage children who have an interest in coding and will provide them the education and resources needed to begin coding at a young age.

Future of Coding

Coding has a great future, and even if children will not be using coding as a career, they can benefit from learning how to code with this new device that makes it easier than ever. With Pip, even the youngest coding enthusiasts will learn different languages and will be well on their way to creating their own codes, own games, own apps and more. It is the future of the electronic era and Pip allows the basic building blocks of coding to be mastered.
Computer science has become an important part of education and with devices like the new Pip, children can start to enhance their education at home while having fun. Coding goes far beyond simply creating websites or software. It can be used to enhance safety in a city, to help with research in the medical field and much more. Since we now live in a world that is dominated by software, coding is the future and it is important for all children to at least have a basic understanding of how it works, even if they never make use of these skills as a career. In terms of the future, coding will be a critical component of daily life. It will be the language of the world and not knowing computers or how they work can pose challenges that are just as difficult to overcome as illiteracy.
Coding will also provide major changes in the gaming world, especially when it comes to online gaming, including the access of online casinos. To see just how coding has already enhanced the gaming world, take a look at a few top rated casino sites that rely on coding. Take a quick peek to check it out and see just how coding can present realistic environments online.

How Pip Engages Children

When it comes to the opportunity to learn coding, children have many options. There are a number of devices and hardware gizmos that can be purchased, but Pip takes a different approach with their device. The portability of the device and the touchscreen offer an advantage to other coding devices that are on the market. Pip will be fully compatible with electronic components in addition to the Raspberry Pi HAT system. The device uses standard languages and has basic tools and is a perfect device for any beginner coder. The goal is to remove any barriers between an idea and creation and make tools immediately available for use. One of the other great advantages of Pip is that it uses a SD card, so it can be used as a desktop computer as well when it is connected to a monitor and mouse.
The Pip device would help kids and interested coder novice with an enthusiasm into learning and practicing coding. By offering a combination of task completion and tinkering to solve problems, the device will certainly engage the younger generation. The device then allows these young coders to move to more advanced levels of coding in different languages like JavaScript and HTML/CSS. Since the device replicates a gaming console, it will immediately capture the attention of children and will engage them to learn about coding at a young age. It also comes with some preloaded games to retain attention, such as Pac-Man and Minecraft.

Innovations to Come

Future innovation largely depends on a child’s current ability to code and their overall understanding of the process. As children learn to code at an early age by using such devices as the new Pip, they will gain the skills and knowledge to create amazing things in the future. This could be the introduction of new games or apps or even ideas that can come to life to help with medical research and treatments. There are endless possibilities. Since our future will be controlled by software and computers, starting young is the best way to go, which is why the new Pip is geared towards the young crowd. By offering a console device that can play games while teaching coding skills, young members of society are well on their way to being the creators of software in the future that will change all our lives. This is just the beginning, but it is something that millions of children all over the world are starting to learn and master. With the use of devices like Pip, coding basics are covered and children will quickly learn the different coding languages that can lead down amazing paths as they enter adulthood.

Designing Login, Sign Up & Forgot Password Modal Form with Bootstrap

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Hello friends, Today in this tutorial we will see How to design Login, Signup & Forgot Password Modal Forms using Bootstrap. Creating and customizing these bootstrap modals are quite easy, i mean literally easy, Modals allow you to open excellent pop-up windows within the same page without redirecting to any separate pages for any particular task, E.g Separate Login/Signup pages, Having Modal Forms on website gives better UI. In this example i have covered login, signup and forgot password modals which you can create easily, let's take a look.

Creating Responsive Navigation Menus - Bootstrap Navbars

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Today in this tutorial i am gonna show you How to create Responsive static and fixed navigation Menu bars , headers using Bootstrap. Navigation bar is a navigation header that is placed at the top of the page and can be extend or collapse depending on the screen size, Bootstrap made it easy. Now we will cover here creating a static and fixed top navigation bars along with drop-down menu and with search box. It can be made using Bootstrap's Navbar component. These responsive navbar initially collapsed on devices. i have used here latest bootstrap version 3.3.7, so have a look at this simple yet useful tutorial.
Creating Bootstrap Responsive Navigation Bars - Menu
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