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Newor Media: A Breath of Fresh Air


Back in March of this year, I had a very bad experience with a media company refusing to pay me and answer my emails.  They still owe me thousands of dollars and the feeling of rage I have permeates everyday.  Turns out I am not alone though, and hundreds of other website owners are in the same boat. It's sort of par for the course with digital advertising.

In all honesty, I've had this blog for a long time and I have bounced around different ad networks in the past. After removing the ad units from that company who stiffed me, I was back to square one.  I should also note that I never quite liked Googles AdSense product, only because it feels like the "bottom of the barrel" of display ads.  Not from a quality perspective, but from a revenue one.

From what I understand, you want Google advertising on your site, but you also want other big companies and agencies doing it as well.  That way you maximize the demand and revenue.

After my negative experience I got recommend a company called Newor Media. And if I'm honest I wasn't sold at first mostly because I couldn't find much information on them.  I did find a couple decent reviews on other sites, and after talking to someone there, I decided to give it a try.  I will say that they are SUPER helpful.  Every network I have ever worked with has been pretty short with me in terms of answers and getting going.  They answered every question and it was a really encouraging process.

I've been running the ads for a few months and the earnings are about in line with what I was making with the other company. So I can't really say if they are that much better than others, but where they do stand out is a point that I really want to make.  The communication with them is unlike any other network I've ever worked it.  Here is a case where they really are different:

They pushed the first payment to me on time with Paypal.  But because I'm not in the U.S (and this happens for everyone I think), I got a fee taken out from Paypal.  I emailed my representative about it, asking if there was a way to avoid that in the future.

They said that they couldn't avoid the fee, but that they would REIMBURSE ALL FEES.... INCLUDING THE MOST RECENT PAYMENT!  Not only that, but the reimbursement payment was received within 10 MINUTES!  When have you ever been able to make a request like that without having to be forwarded to the "finance department" to then never be responded to.

The bottom line is that I love this company.  I might be able to make more somewhere else, I'm not really sure, but they have a publisher for life with me.  I'm not a huge site and I don't generate a ton of income, but I feel like a very important client when I talk to them.  It's genuinely a breathe of fresh air in an industry that is ripe with fraud and non-responsiveness. 


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