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Linux Reseller Hosting vs. Windows Reseller Hosting


Over the past few years, web hosting has undergone a dramatic change. Web hosting services have changed the way websites perform. There are several kinds of services but today we will talk about the options that are available for reseller hosting providers. They are Linux Reseller Hosting and Windows Reseller Hosting. Before we understand the fundamental differences between the two, let’s find out what is reseller hosting.
Reseller Hosting
In simple terms, reseller hosting is a form of web hosting where an account owner can use his dedicated hard drive space and allotted bandwidth for the purpose of reselling to the websites of third parties. Sometimes, a reseller can take a dedicated server from a hosting company (Linux or Windows) on rent and further let it out to third parties.
Most website users either are with Linux or Windows. This has got to do with the uptime. Both platforms ensure that your website is up 99% of the time. 
However, there are some fundamental differences between the hosting services provided by these two players. 
1. Customization
One of the main differences between a Linux Reseller Hosting  plan and the one provided by Windows is about customization. While you can experiment with both the players in several ways, Linux is way more customizable than Windows. The latter has more features than its counterpart and that is why many developers and administrators find Linux very customer- friendly.
2. Applications
Different reseller hosting services have different applications. Linux and Windows both have their own array of applications but the latter has an edge when it comes to numbers and versatility. This has got to do with the open source nature of Linux. Any developer can upload his app on the Linux platform and this makes it an attractive hosting provider to millions of website owners. 
However, please note that if you are using Linux for web hosting but at the same time use the Windows OS, then some applications may not simply work. 
3. Stability
While both the platforms are stable, Linux Reseller Hosting is more stable of the two. It being an open source platform, can work in several environments.  This platform can be modified and developed every now and then. 
4. .NET compatibility
It isn’t that Linux is superior to Windows in every possible way. When it comes to .NET compatibility, Windows steals the limelight. Web applications can be easily developed on a Windows hosting platform. 
5. Cost advantages
Both the hosting platforms are affordable. But if you are feeling a cash crunch, then you should opt for Linux. It is free and that is why it is opted by so many developers and system administrators all around the world. 
6. Ease of setup
Windows is easier to set up than its counterpart. All things said and done, Windows still retains its user-friendliness all these years.
7. Security
Opt for Linux reseller hosting because it is more secure than Windows. This holds true especially for people running their E-commerce businesses. 

Choosing between the two will depend on your requirement and the cost flexibility. Both the hosting services have unique advantages. While Windows is easy to set up, Linux is cost effective, secure and is more versatile. 


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